…And The Winners For Galleria News Prediction Are…


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35 Responses

  1. bemazunity@gmail.com says:

    9japredict username is bemologi

  2. Teemas says:

    No 6. Teemas

  3. Atisaiobi@gmail.com says:

    My username is inewton. No 1 on the list

  4. Isaac Pierce says:

    Username is inewton. No 1 on the list

  5. ogunfoworastephen@yahoo.com says:

    my name is stephen and my username is oluwasheyun

  6. ogunfoworastephen@yahoo.com says:

    i am the no 3 on the list. stephen is my name…am waiting for my share….my username is oluwasheyun

  7. GalleriaNews.Com says:

    Thanks guys…still await other user,! would credit you all as soon as its complete…Thanks once more and always visit the site for more games and free predictions/tips…

  8. momichealowolabi@gmail.com says:

    I get the match score bt my name is not her…..my name is micheal abiodun owolabi….and my username is owolabimic22

  9. clemmeek@gmail.com says:

    My 9japredict username is CLEMMEEK
    My email is clemmeek@gmail.com
    My phone is 08167912568

  10. my name is jibrin saleh ara
    my gmail jibrinsaleharabmoney0076@gmail.com

    tel 07066635131

  11. momichealowolabi@gmail.com says:

    Am micheal abiodun owolabi….I woon bt my name is nt der…and u told me too drp my username dis is it………owolabimic22…………….

  12. lydat4real@yahoo.com says:

    my username is lydat4real

  13. GalleriaNews.com says:

    Morning pals…Pls check the above listed names…only those listed there are the winners @ lydat4real@yahoo.com you appear to be the 11th person and the rule says 1-10th person…Like the blog/visit often so as to be the first to be informed when next we have freebies…Love you all!

  14. Teemas says:

    Abah when are you going to credit us now, i think is getting too late now o bcoz we want to use the money for weekend prediction. Abeg no beans and you dont have to wait for all to submit their username bcoz some people may have even 4got they predict something, you just have to send the names with you first. Thanks

  15. GalleriaNews.com says:

    @ Teemas (Oluwasheyun) pls check your account u’ve bn credited

  16. Teemas says:

    I just check it now my account still remain 2kobo. It as not been credited. My 9japredict username is (Teemas)

  17. Atisaiobi@gmail.com says:

    @Gallerianews I am number 1 on the list and I still havent been credited. My username is INEWTON

  18. GalleriaNews.com says:

    @Teemas dere’s little correction to b made…wud credit u b4 d day runs out…Sorry for the delay pls….Bemologi, clemmeek, Oluwasheyun has been credited…like our page for more…https://www.facebook.com/…And to all our winners…pls notify us as soon as you get credited…Thanks always!!!

  19. Teemas says:

    E no good as you dey do me o. I never see anything o

  20. Felix says:

    smiles@ Teemas am one of the winners and i’ve been credited.worry not. I’ve even like their page for more goodies… am not new

  21. Teemas says:

    You see now, u’ve been credited but wetin i do dem.

  22. GalleriaNews.Com says:

    @INEWTON and Teemas please check your account you’ve been credited…like/visit our page; https://www.facebook.com/ for more

  23. Essienemmanuel47@gmail.com says:


  24. Atisaiobi@gmail.com says:

    Thanks guys. You kept your word, I’ve been credited.

  25. GalleriaNews.com says:

    @Atisaiobi@gmail.com…You always welcome @Teemas you ain’t saying anything again. guess you’ve been credited…So guys, like/visit our page https://www.facebook.com/ often for more freebiees…Love you all!

  26. Essienemmanuel47@gmail.com says:

    My name is promise Bassey.my name appeared at number 4 among the winners but am yet to be credited.This is my username: Bass316.

  27. GalleriaNews.com says:

    @Bassey we got your response late, till Monday before you would be credited…Thanks!!!

  28. johnjh@yahoo.com says:

    i’m number 5 on d list. username: kakafunku

  29. Promise bassey says:

    This is my username bass316.i am still waiting for the promises that my account will be credited today on the match of bate vs barcelona which my name appeared at number 4 in the winning list.thank you.

  30. Essienemma@gmail.com says:

    My username is Bass316. My name is promise bassey.number 4 on the list.

  31. GalleriaNews.com says:

    @Bass316 pls check your account you’ve been credited invite your friends/like our page for more…& also please note here that you’ve been credited.

  32. John John says:

    Pls u haven’t credited my account…I’m no 5 on d list John John username: kakafunku

  33. johnjh@yahoo.com says:

    fulfil ur promise nd credit my winin…i’m num 5 on d list. Username: kakafunku

  34. GalleriaNews.com says:

    @JohnJohn…We just received your text…like our page here; https://www.facebook.com/we would credit you account soon..

  35. johnjh@yahoo.com says:

    ok, bt I’m stil expecting it though!

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