Tristan Thompson was brazenly cheating on Khloe Kardashian with two women back in October, when Khloe was 3 months pregnant.

TMZ obtained this surveillance video recorded October 7, 2017 at a hookah lounge outside Washington D.C.

Tristan makes out with one of the women, tongue and all. The other grabs his head, brings it to her chest and he motorboats her. And the same woman grabs his junk.

This comes after Tristan also appeared to take another woman into a hotel room just last weekend.

The woman claiming she spent the night with Tristan Thompson in NYC this weekend posted and quickly deleted a sex tape and a number of raunchy text messages allegedly with the NBA All-Star.

Tristan was seen in a video with the woman — who goes by @ms.stephaniee_ on Instagram — Saturday night walking into a hotel. Stephanie took to her IG story Tuesday night to expose Thompson.

Within her posts was a sex tape allegedly showing she and Tristan engaging in sexual intercourse. Neither of their faces is visible in the short clip.

Stephanie also included explicit text messages — allegedly from Tristan — one read,

“If I was there I would grab u while u try to walk away from me than I would pull ya hair and kiss you than rip ya clothes off and lay u down while I suck ya p**** and say sorry. Than I’ll stick this long d*** in you slow but deep.”

Tristan and Khloe are expecting a baby girl any day from now.