Rick Ross has taken back his $350,000 engagement ring two days after the couple called off their engagement, barely 2 months after making the commitment.


Meanwhile, Galore posted a picture on her Instagram on Monday [November 2] of her wearing the 11 carat rock … just a day after they broke up. But according to TMZ, the photo was an old pic, and Rick has the ring firmly in his possession now.

Close sources say the couple broke off the engagement at Rick’s home and when Lira left she was not wearing the ring. It’s still unclear under which condition did the ring leave her finger for his hand. But if Lira wanted to keep the ring, it was a losing battle.

TMZ reports that in Georgia, an engagement ring is a “gift in contemplation of marriage” … meaning if the couple doesn’t get hitched, the guy gets it back.

There’s still no report on what caused their split!